11 Years of Excellent Service

Divine Gift Showcase - July

​This is an annual event held during our annual conference weekend.  It is a concert /talent event featuring special guest artists and other talented attendees: singers, mime, comedians, dancers, spoken word,visual artists etc.  The purpose of this event is to provide a FREE opportunity for talented individuals to share their gifts, network with those who can assist them with development and other opportunities.  Artists share their marketing materials with vendor space discounted by DCG.  All artists leave with a valuable sponsored award give-away from our music & arts partners relevant to their area of talent- i.e.  scholarships to talent development programs, FREE tickets to musicawards events, photography packages, studio time, video production, radio and television interviews etc.

DCG "Hall of Healing" Spa Experience - July

This annual event is an opportunity for local spa service vendors to share their services with attendees of our annual conference.  The vendors provide their manicure, pedicure, waxing, massage, facial etc.services at a discounted rate or FREE to attendees.  Assists vendors to  add to their current clientele as well as provides much needed relaxation to our attendees. 

DCG Retreat & Family Conference- July

Every fourth weekend of July DCG sponsors our Annual conference to include the July events above.  We have food, fun and fellowship.  There is entertainment, speakers/ presenters who share on Saturday to include various topics to improve, empower, encourage and leave attendees inspired to accomplish their divine purpose.  There are general sessions for all attendees as well as separate specific sessions for boys, girls, men and women.  Annually DCG sponsors 8-12 youth or more if applicable from our local juvenile detention center to attend the event FREE of charge.

Annual End ALL Abuse- Abuse Awareness & Prevention Event -October

Teaching Adults & Youth how they can prevent or identify signs of abuse, information on Trafficking, how to prevent and report all types of abuse, resources, kids activities, art contest, opportunities for advocates and victims to speak, share stories and garner support and awareness of advocacy programs.

Christmas Family Sponsorship - December

Every year DCG selects a family in need to assist with their Christmas celebration.  Based on the needs of the family DCG members and partners work together to assist a family in need.

Music & Arts Partnerships

Excellence in Christian Music Academy & Gala (Henry Harris), Washington D.C. – October
DCG organizes a group of volunteers who serve as the production staff annually for this Gala event celebrating Independent artist who participate in the ECMA Academy preparing for success in their field of music artistry and ministry.  ECMA sponsors 2 Academy scholarships annually to the Divine Gift Showcase.

Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards (David Cook), Monroe, North Carolina – November

AMG sponsors tickets to their annual televised Awards Show- also awarded during our showcase.  This is a partnership to assist those who want to have quality representation through membership in the guild to assist them in all aspects of the music & arts industry. 

EMA Music & Arts (Joshua Head), Newport News, Virginia

EMA and Headstate Entertainment has partnered with DCG to provide scholarships to youth for music lessons through their program.  They have been a past sponsor of giveaways for our showcase and through referral & connections from DCG; were able to be in position to win a Stellar Music Award.

DCG accomplishes all that we do through generous donations from those who understand and value our mission.

Your tax-deductible support is welcomed anytime via paypal using our email address divineconceptgroup@gmail.com OR https://www.paypal.me/DivineConceptGroup

Exhortation, Influence & Purpose: DCG is a faith & community organization offering personal development support to anyone desiring to fulfil their purpose. it is our purpose to sponsor Christ-centered programs and interactions which enhance personal development, provide resources, and connect individuals with the people & resources that can help them fulfill their God given purpose. Our services include but are not limited to conferences, seminars, events, scholarship funding and outreach programs, as well as support and funding assistance to other non-profit organizations with a similar mission. It is our goal to foster and encourage racial and denominational diversity, unity and fellowship within our programming, and to specifically promote growth of women through service to other women, families, youth and the community​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Unveiled Purpose Magazine -

DCG Official Publication- we will soon relaunch our digital magazine also print on demand is available of our annual conference edition. This is a positive lifestyle family friendly magazine featuring local, national and international stories from contributors who desire to be published and have a focus of positive, inspirational content to share.  Features up and coming and established authors, musicians, performers and writers, also highlights activities and accomplishments of DCG and its' members.

Annual Authors & Writers Workshop - February

Teaching aspiring and established authors how to self-publish and save significant money.  Also feature newly established authors from previous workshops who receive awards for their accomplishments.  Provide assistance with referrals for cover design, editing, formatting etc. We will travel to a sponsored site, church or venue.  Includes quarterly support sessions and coaching.

Exceptional Young Achievers Initiative (New Programming)

Programming to nurture and give youth and youth leaders an opportunity to participate and plan/develop activities that will benefit youth while building confidence, improving character and creating opportunities for growth.

EYA-United Nations Experience -

March- where 5 youth and 5 chaperones who have an interest or have present activities or career goals in International affairs, service, outreach, missions etc.  participants must demonstrate scholarship, career goals and direction, and ability to articulate in writing their interest and value of the opportunity. (UN access sponsored by DCG our CEO is a member of a non-governmental organization (NGO) which grants credentialing of delegates so that we may provide this experience to youth & adults)

Annual Men of Power- April

Men's empowerment and fellowship event includes speakers, panel discussion etc. where men strengthen alliances and educate young men of the responsibilities of manhood and improving their communities.

Annual Healthy Foods Luncheon - May or June

The purpose of the luncheon is to provide awareness and opportunity for growth concerning personal health and wellness.  A healthy buffet meal is the highlight of the event providing alternatives to the standard American diet including recipes for each dish. Also includes informative speakers, food prep demonstration, and massage therapy.

Business & Non-Profit Symposium - July

This is an annual FREE event during our annual conference weekend designed to help those desiring to start a non-profit as well as established and aspiring business owners.  Experienced speakers share their expertise on various relevant topics to help attendees to establish, or improve their business.  1-2 businesses are highlighted and given an opportunity to market their business and practice their business pitch to attendees- the climate is one of networking, sharing and making new connections to help their business endeavors.