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Your Giving makes a difference!

We believe it is important for our supporters to know where their dollars are making an impact.  Since 2008 DCG has depended on the generosity of supporters like you.  Every initiative we have comes with some expense.  Here are some of the needs we have annually where your donations help us to be successful:
-Outreach Fund
Donations will aid in building our capacity to assist those who come to DCG seeking emergency funding assistance for circumstances approved by our board of directors.

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- Supporting youth initiatives:  

Exceptional Young Achievers programming: Supports funding to send youth to the annual DCG United Nations Experience every March, average youth expense is $900 per delegate

Funding for college scholarships, assistance with full youth sponsorships allowing youth 13 and under to attend our Annual Retreat & Family conference for FREE.

-Supporting Awareness & Positive Programming:

Funds help us cover all expenses for our FREE events and fray expense for venue and equipment rentals, love tokens and giveaways to participants and speakers, certificates, plaques, awards, graphic design costs, free receptions and all involved expenses to make a memorable occasion for attendees for our Free Abuse Awareness Event, Free Business & Nonprofit Symposium, Men of Power Event, and our Heros Banquet- celebrating those who give back, etc.

-International Outreach Initiatives

Funds assist us in covering shipping charges and other costs to send shoes, clothing, school supplies and other outreach materials to our IMPACT partnerships in Uganda, Pakistan & Haiti.

-Christmas Family Outreach

Funding to assist in sponsorship of one or more family annually during the holidays to provide gifts, gift cards, food and other household needs to assist families in need.


"Divine Concept Group is a faith-based 501c3 organization that assists individuals with developing their skills and abilities through community based activities, outreach programs and other events, we value and demonstrate Christian principles, and it is our goal to uplift and edify people from all backgrounds regardless of race, creed, color, age, religious affiliation or status."  

Share your tax-deductible gift anytime to assist us in making a difference in the lives of others
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