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  1. Creativity
    DCG Retreat & Family Conference Youth Fashion Show!!
  2. 2019 -Interactive sessions...
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  3. 2015 -Hampton Workshop
    Equipping aspiring authors to write their vision
  4. 2015 -Maryland Workshop
    If your church or organization desires to sponsor- we will travel.
  5. Speakers with their books
    2019 Our cadre of speakers are all published authors of multiple books.
  6. 2015 -Group Photo
    Authors get insider information for cost effective publishing
  7. 1st Men of Power
    Inaugural event
  8. 2014
    Men building one another & mentoring young men
  9. Men of Power 2016
    Preparing young men to face the world with confidence
  10. Men of Power 2016
    Denbigh Community Center
  11. Men of Power 2016
    Panel discussion about real issues and solutions
  12. 2016 group
    Panelist, speakers & youth
  13. Men of Power 2018
    Speakers & panelists
  14. Men of Power 2018
    Sharing wisdom for successful living
  15. Men of Power 2018
    Equipping men for exceptional living
  16. Men of Power 2018
    Real Talk
  17. Men of Power 2019
    Open Door Full Gospel Baptist Church, Hampton Va.
  18. Men of Power 2019
    Speakers & panelists