International Ministries, Partnerships & Affiliated Christian Teams
DCG IMPACT Initiative is Divine Concept Groups International Outreach program.  DCG partners with other organizations, and with local & international workers to help those in need outside of our borders.  During each quarter Annually DCG will sponsor a different International outreach project including efforts to aid in illness prevention, aid to orphans and youth in need, collection and sending shoes and school supplies to partnering outreach works in Kampala Uganda, Haiti, Punjab Pakistan and others.

Dr. Claude Louis
​Words in Action Haiti

Words in Action

Shazia Rhemat in Pakistan

Shazia Rhemat Youth Ministry

Dr. Kenny Lule in Uganda

Esuubi Outreach

International Outreach Partnerships Photo Gallery

  1. Dr. Kenny Lule - Uganda
  2. Esuubi Community Church
  3. Partners in Pakistan
  4. Partners in Pakistan
  5. Children are our future
  6. Dr. Claude Louis - Haiti
  7. Dr. Claude Louis - Word in Action Hait
  8. Esuubi Community Church
  9. Esuubi Community Church
  10. Dr. & Pastor Kenny Lule
  11. Fun with the kids
  12. Dr. Kenny & Claire Lule
  13. Fountain of Life School - Uganda
  14. Village Medical Ministry

Giving Back to others is a gift in itself!
Making a Difference through International Outreach