What drives us...

This is our PURPOSE

We endeavor to empower you with
the tools and resources to see your
vision come into fruition!

It is our purpose to see every individual come into their Divine purpose.  Recognizing that the goals of everyone is different, we want to help others to achieve their vision, meet their personal goals, provide resources and assist in connecting them to people & resources that can help them grow spiritually, emotionally, professionally and socially.  Our focus is strengthening individuals and organizations while giving them tools to improve their relationships with others, their families and with God through Christ. 

Our services include but are not limited to conferences, seminars, events, scholarship funding, outreach programs, and mentoring as well as support and funding assistance to other non-profit organizations with a similar mission.  It is our significant goal to foster and encourage racial and denominational diversity, unity and fellowship within our programming, and to promote growth of every individual through service to other women, men, families, youth and the community.


"Divine Concept Group is a faith-based 501c3 organization that assists individuals with developing their skills and abilities through community based activities, outreach programs and other events, we value and demonstrate Christian principles, and it is our goal to uplift and edify people from all backgrounds regardless of race, creed, color, age, religious affiliation or status."  

Understanding our PURPOSE

It is our commitment to serve others, to improve our community and our world, to help others form a personal and growing relationship with Christ, to reach out and touch those who may be seeking and in need of God's love, to inspire and assist others to stir up their gifts and abilities while discovering Gods Divine plan for their lives, and to bring souls closer to God through the love of Jesus Christ, revealing what the world can be if they just believe and draw strength from what God has to offer them.

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