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Giving back... paying it forward, inspiring visions,  and supporting visions by creating opportunities, events and initiatives to allow others to thrive in their purpose.    Helping others make their mark as a speaker on a topic they are passionate about at one of our events or creating a new event to allow them to share their passion.  Volunteer opportunities with us are focused on supporting the vision of others, we create volunteer teams to help your event or vision.  We love stirring up gifts, giving a helping hand through tips, information, mentoring, training or just being a cheer leader for those taking steps forward in their Divine Purpose.  Hear from some of the individuals who appreciate our support.
It was such a blessing to be apart of the Divine Concept Group. Not only did they deliver messages of tremendous power but they also provided me with a platform for my message to be heard as well. They welcomed me in with open arms and joyous hearts. And more than anything they encouraged me to trust in God and pursue my passion even more. I am honored and humbled to have met such beautiful people. True lights in my travels.
                                                                                  ~Hector Pabon
Hector Pabon
Member DCG Cadre of Speakers.  Youth speaker
Khulan Otgonjargal
Participant - Exceptional Young Achievers DCG United nations Experience. 
Ever since I was young, I was always super curious about the UN. I heard people talk about it, but I never knew what it was. My freshman year that all changed. First I heard about the
United Nations Children’s Fund and that changed my life it was so intriguing how we are able to be one and help people in need. That was sort of my sneak peek of the United Nations. I am from Mongolia, but I was raised in Arlington my whole life and I am a senior at Washington Lee High School. I was extremely fortunate to be able to grow up in an environment that had many opportunities and a place where development was not an issue. Back in Mongolia, I constantly hear about the struggles there and how hard it is to live there and since Mongolia is still a developing country it is pretty much never-ending. I am truly passionate about my country and I realized that there are so many other countries that are in the same boat as my home country. I discovered my passion of the world and changing the world, one step at a time.

My dream is the United Nations, so from this UN experience, I would benefit so much. Meeting people who actually are a part of changing the world inspires me in a way to work even harder to create a change as well. While county development and children and mothers needs are extremely important to me, so is being a woman. Living in the United States, I was rarely shunned for being a girl; however, it is not like that everywhere else in the world. It is immensely awful how women can be so mistreated and used. It would be truly an honor to be able to be a part of the UN Women Conference –Commission on the Status of Women.
                                                                                                                                       ~Khulan Otgonjargal

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