Vision Projects

Dream Building

Divine Concept Group provides assistance to individuals and organizations that are seeking help with the forming of a non-profit organization, event, or initiative.

Maybe you are just looking for someone to cheer you on and believe in your vision and provide periodic support as you take the steps toward developing your dream. 

DCG provides encouragement, support, consultation, and advisement.  If your project is selected for a DCG Vision Project
Here are a few of the Visions that we have supported, endorsed and have encouraged.  Your Vision could be one of our future Vision Projects. 

God is already invested in your Vision...

We at DCG believe that God has given each person a unique purpose and vision.  When God gives you an idea or concept, understand that it was His idea first... so He is your greatest advocate.  Often times we don't have the support or encouragement to see it through.  A part of the Divine Concept Group purpose is to provide the support, inspiration and edification to support others in understanding just how much God intends for your vision and purpose to come into fruition.   If God gave it to you he intends to see it manifest.
How Can We Help Your Vision?